Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Stay Down?

It's over. 9 months and it was good, I believe.

Nine months is enough time to have learned a lot from someone. Of course, it hurt. I cried. I ought to because I'm human. But as a human, I ought to move on too.

I had to get up. I'm going against time here. We all are, in general, it's just that in my context, I'm more awake about that than most.

No offense to my ex. In fact, I stand up and dust myself off as quick as I could to show him that he has made me such a better person that I can get up on my own no matter how hard the fall and no matter how frustrating the circumstance-- and I appreciate learning from him.

I say this with all due respect and our shared love in mind and heart.

Most would think that there are so many things in life to rant about.

That's because they see with their eyes immediately. But have they tried looking at things with their eyes closed? Or looking at things from another point of view? Or even thinking of the summation of it all?

There are just too many things in life to laugh and be happy about.

Am I sick? I mean, yeah I'm infected but sometimes, I wonder why I can get up so fast. Not easy but fast. And with that pondering, I just think of family and friends and my passions and realize that this life has so much to live for me.

If I stay down, I let them down.

So why stay down, right?

It's just not me, really.

I'm way too competitive to sit and take it.

Sue me.

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  1. yeah, that's the spirit. cry your heart out for a day or two or more then move on. :)