Sunday, July 11, 2010

And E Takes the Stage

There he is.

He's going public with a publication to rock the nation.

Or is the nation going to rock or rather stone him?

My absence in this blog symbolizes my contentment with my current life.

But I had to put this up because I am eternally a student in heart and mind and I would always question an action-- at times even over analyzing its outcome.

E has launched his book, Chronicles of E, and is adding an out of the closet (again [?]) flare of someone living in a third world country, with majority of the people living in fear of what E, I and a whole lot more of the alphabet have-- HIV.

I like E. I actually look up to him for a lot of reasons.

One of the most conniving reasons is because he, alongside some, are outing themselves and testing how the 'humans' (hehehe) will take it.

With how my family runs, I am compelled to pull back my horses and am given the advantage to observe and study all possible angles of these landmark actions.

Their actions are not something new; it's something probably hypothesized-- but I learned another angle that twists it: it's different when it hits home.

Speaking of home, some people who know me have already come up to me to quench their curiosity of hearing a rumor about me being positive. As of the moment, it is my prerogative to choose those whom will share my double edged sword.

My sincerest apologies to those whom I have misled. It is not yet time for you to know the truth about me, I believe. It is best that you continue to know me as you always did; I learned this because not all those I chose to open up to took it well. Some were swept with despair and could not face it.

For me, what started off as a new beginning has now turned into a psychological battle that will test my resolve and my penchant for survival's glory.

After all, there are those who aren't even infected who're simply not learning from already redundant experience. And unfortunately, these people come in huge numbers.

Is it not I who should feel despair for them instead?

I will sit back and watch how this unfolds.

I will share my lessons learned in time to all.

And to all, I pray that it is not too late.

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